Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India 2022

Chilzo brings flavors from all around the world

Launched in 2022, Chilzo strives to achieve authenticity with traditional ways.

Mumbai-based Nectorius Foods Manufacturer launched its new brand Chilzo in 2022 with a zeal for food exploration. The company believes in exploring and bringing every flavor from around the globe to one place.

Taste the World!

The company currently offers seven unique products: Red Harissa from Tunisia, Green Harissa from Morocco, Schezwan from Sichuan, Chilli Oil from Sichuan, Marinara, and Arrabiata from Italy, and Rose Red Harissa from Tunisia.

Talking about the company's R&D team, Dikshita Sharma, managing director, Nectorius Foods Manufacturer-Chilzo, says, "We have an in-house dedicated R&D team working day and night to make authentic products the traditional way with extremely high quality 'A grade' ingredients. 100% of our production team is underprivileged women who we believe in educating and empowering."

Looking at the recent trends, many people are dipping their toes in experimental cooking. Contrary to the past, even more, men are showing more interest in cooking than before. Sharma shares her opinion saying, "In our opinion, products that encourage experimental cooking are likely to see an increase in acceptance in the market."

Chilzo at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India

You can experience and explore the flavors from around the world at Nectorius Foods Manufacturer-Chilzo's stall from 14 to 16 September at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India, Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai. Sharma comments on their participation, "Platforms like Anufood give new and emerging brands like us much-needed exposure and recognition in the industry as well as help us increase viable business contacts."

They will showcase their full range of products, including HORECA products, at the expo. Sharma is very optimistic about their participation and adds, "We are coming to this exhibition with the expectation of meeting the decision-makers in the food, restaurants, and hotel industry as our goal is to be a recognized brand for all international gourmet food. Given the experience of past years of ANUFOOD, we hope this will be a success."

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