Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India 2022

TradeBridge - An AI-driven, B2B eMarketplace for Agro-Commodities

TradeBridge is a full-stack tech platform that transforms the Agriculture supply chain and empowers Indian farmers

TradeBridge was founded in 2020 with a vision to transform the Agri-commodity B2B ecosystem in India. TradeBridge is a digital marketplace enabling participants to buy & sell non-perishable, agro-commodities without worrying about anything but price. TradeBridge ensures a very smooth experience in terms of the supply chain including third-party services like logistics, quality inspections, secure payments, returns, grievance redressals & extension of credit.

The technology improves food traceability, sustainability, and insurance coverage for all risks in this agri-business. "We source most of our material directly from farms and other processors and importers," shares Shriwat Kadam, manager – Brand Communication & Marketing, TradeBridge.

The company currently focuses on selling nuts, seeds, berries, spices, pulses, tea, coffee, dried & dehydrated fruits, oils, etc., which fall in the non-perishable bucket of Agro-commodities.

Automated Supply Chain

Depending on buyer preferences, the company has built an AI-driven module to pair buyers and their closest and most cost-efficient vendor. Kadam explains, "We have automated the supply chain to make logistics and TAT more efficient and streamlined. We provide users with industry analytics, market insights, and consumer buying trends. We have bid and counter-bidding options for users, aligning them with a real marketplace experience. We enable our vendors to advertise and showcase their brands to our community of buyers."

Digitalization of Indian non-perishable Agri commodities

Given the opaque, fragmented, and localized mandis in India, consumers need price transparency, ease of business, reliability, and adherence to high standard quality parameters. Marketplaces provide these customer nuances and the Agri industry is no exception. Agri marketplaces, going forward, will create an ecosystem to empower farmers and catalyze Agri exports from India. Indian farmers will finally be getting what they are due.

Commenting on this, Kadam explains, “Global cues have driven up commodity prices across the board. This, along with a very dormant Agri Industry and aggressive government initiatives, gives us the confidence that there are many opportunities to digitize the space. Technology will benefit the entire supply chain from crop inputs to cultivation techniques to distribution.”

According to him digital penetration in the Indian non-perishable Agri commodities market is currently at ~0%. “We expect this to increase to the median Indian online penetration average of 5-10%. The nonperishable Agri commodity B2B market is close to Rs 10L crore. Digital penetration can soon reach Rs 1L crore.”

He adds, “We plan to take most of this online shift and grow our digital footprint across India. We intend to continue sourcing directly from the farm and strengthen and leverage our relationships at the grower level.”

Tradebridge at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India

Expressing his views about their upcoming participation at ANUFOOD India, the largest international fair for food & beverage, in September 2022, Kadam shares, "Exhibitions like ANUFOOD is a great opportunity to connect and make new bonds. It will help us to meet the trading community, buyers, industry experts' government bodies like spice board, APEDA, and many more. We expect a good number of footfalls given that the previous years have been a huge success."

The company plans to showcase its three businesses verticals:

- Tradebridge (B2B AgriTech Marketplace)

- Ashapura Commodities (Ashapura caters to Modern trade and Institutions)

- Bazana Foods (Bazana is positioned as a healthy snacking brand)

According to Kadam, the company plans to take most of this online shift and grow its digital footprint across India. He adds, "We intend to continue sourcing directly from the farm and strengthen and leverage our relationships at the grower level. We currently focus on empowering farmers and intend to do that while being profitable on a company level. We have multiple channels of revenue monetization including commissions, BNPL, Logistics, Data, Insurance, and Warehousing."

Register Now and meet them to explore their products and services at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14 to16 September 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.