Explore the Top 10 Food Trends 2021 in India by INNOVA MARKET INSIGHTS


Trend 1. Transparency Triumphs

A clear winner: brands are upping their transparency game to meet evolving consumer demands

Clean Living Lifestyles   Sustainable sourcing   Meaningful storytelling


Trend 2. Plant-Forward

Mainstream appeal for “plant based” is driving expansion to more market categories and regions

rising mainstream appeal   Plant based indulgence   emerging alternative proteins


Trend 3. Tailored to Fit

Personalized nutrition is in the spotlight as consumers look for food and beverage that fit their unique lifestyles

my unique lifestyle   functionally healthy   digitally driven solutions


Trend 4. New Omnichannel Eating

As foodservice and retail domains overlap, consumers can eat what they want, when and where they want it

cross-channel convenience   accessible indulgence   richer experiences


Trend 5. In Tune with Immune

Ongoing anxiety stemming from COVID-19 will continue to push consumers toward prioritizing their immune health

prioritizing health   boosting immunity   feeding the microbiome


Trend 6. Nutrition Hacking

Technology is addressing demands for food & beverage with enhanced nutritional value, sustainability or ethical impact

tapping into improved nutrition   balancing diets    leveraging technology

Trend 7. Mood: The Next Occasion

NPD is seeing staggering growth and claims on pack that relate to specific mood platforms

holistic wellbeing   elevating moods   adaptogens trending up


Trend 8. Product Mashups: When Trends Collide

Sustained popularity for hybrid innovation and F&B broadening dimensions of indulgence

merging for success   entertaining the senses   new dimensions of indulgence


Trend 9. Modern Nostalgia

While global trends get a local makeover, regional stalwarts are brought into modern relevance

taking it glocal   reimagining flavors   modern twists rise


Trend 10. Age of the Influencer

In times when influencer endorsements are giving products a push, a slow shift to more reliable influencers is occurring

in pursuit of brand connection   bolstering trust   new avenues of influence