Exhibitor's Testimonials

We are meeting all our peers competitors and understanding what the whole industry is doing. What are the new trends in the industry? And then obviously technology is ever changing. So we would need an event like this, every once in a while to understand changing technology. I think it's, it's a good combination.

Rajat Kamath Bola
Bolas Agro

I Would really like to thanks and appreciate ANUFOOD for organizing this event here in India because this is so good platform that we people from all over the world can come together and share our products and try to find the buyers in Indian market, What a beautiful thing I would really appreciate and I really thanks again ANUFOOD India for that.

Binay Adhikari
Import and Export Manager
Kimdelssohn (South Korea)

I am very happy with the people coming they are very curious to know about my brand and product, So very happy with the exhibition, people from all across the country have visited this event they came from throughout the country from south north everywhere and everybody is anxious and they are open to try new products

Amruta Naik
Veg Coast

I love the event so far I met so many distributors, My networking has gone to very good extent so I feel that good food startup that are coming up they should come and participate in this Exhibition.

Ayushi Rathod
Dely Waffels India Pvt. Ltd

The experience have been nice the foot fall actually have been better than last few years and we are looking forward for next year, there were quite a few buyer community have come in so we are happy about that.

Neha Rao
Bikaji Foods international

My overall experience is very good, this time I can say the quality of visitor is very good it’s a purely B2B otherwise we always face a problem as a B2C customer come and ask for the sample’s but this time its good and control

Manoj Sethia
Managing Director
Manoj Multi Foods Pvt. Ltd

Good experience in this trade fair we are receiving a lots of inquiry, international also regarding the export, our food, our oil. So that is a very very good experience.

Nitin Arora
Manager Specialty Fats
Adani Wilmar